Join the People’s Health Assembly in Edinburgh this week

League of Culture is delighted to be working with the People’s Health Movement on their second Assembly. The event takes place in Edinburgh at Queen Margaret University on the 10th, 11th and 12th of April.

The League hopes that by working with healthcare professionals in the PHM, we can strengthen the bond between culture and health and underpin our research into arts and health for our forthcoming pamphlet. Full details of the Assembly below:

Health and social activists from across the UK will join academics, health practitioners, and trade union representatives at the 2nd UK People’s Health Assembly to be held at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.

Commentator and broadcaster Lesley Riddoch will head the line-up of speakers at the event which takes place from 10th to 12th April. Other high profile speakers include writer and economist David Woodward and Professor Allyson Pollock, author of NHS plc: the Privatisation of Our Health Care.

The People’s Health Movement (PHM) is a global drive to improve health and health systems around the world. The first UK People’s Health Assembly was held in Nottingham in 2012 and brought together a range of groups and stakeholders to participate in discussion around cross-cutting issues of health and social justice, especially around restoring the NHS to its founding principles.

Anuj Kapilashrami, a lecturer at the Institute for International Health & Development at QMU and a long standing member of the PHM, said:

“The Institute for International Health and Development is delighted to host this prestigious forum at QMU and we anticipate lively debate with thought-provoking insight from the feisty line-up of speakers and community networks. Austerity measures designed to reboot the economy pose a threat to our fundamental rights to health, livelihoods and social welfare, and push disadvantaged groups further into poverty and deprivation.”

This year’s programme focuses on ‘austerity’, social exclusion and vulnerabilities, and environmental justice allowing delegates to share experiences, to discuss health in the UK and to develop collective strategies for change. The Assembly will also consider experiences of health movements from across the globe including India, South Africa, Uganda and Europe.

David Duke, Chief Executive of Street Soccer Scotland, the social enterprise that delivers a range of football related services to socially disadvantaged adults and young people across Scotland, said:

“I am excited about the upcoming People’s Health Assembly hosted by QMU. This event will bring together a range of experts, not only academics but professionals and front line organisations who strive to improve the health of its community. The impact of positive health, whether it’s physical health or mental well-being, plays a massive role in the social and economic development of individuals and communities alike.”

Event speaker Allyson Pollock, professor of public health research and policy at Queen Mary, University of London, said:

“The root causes of poverty and disease and maldistribution of resources can only be solved by political movements built on education, knowledge, and community mobilisation.”

Anyone interested in attending the assembly can view the full event programme and register online at QMU’s website