League of Culture is a UK wide advocacy body for the culture sector.

We have two aims:

1) to connect grassroots campaigners with decision makers in cultural policy

2) to explore ways in which creative activities can be used to aid a non-creative issue


Our Director is Vicky Prior, who set up the League with our Political Advisor, Sara Hyde, after seeing an opportunity to pull together existing arts campaigns and create a strong singular voice. Vicky explains

We regularly hear that the culture sector is running at a profit, but this isn’t reflected in our Government’s policy. League of Culture believes that by creating a new advocacy body to draw together campaigning efforts across the UK, we can strengthen the voice of the culture sector.

Vicky has been blending arts and politics since she graduated from Goldsmiths with a Master’s in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy in 2011. She interned with the National Campaign for the Arts and then piloted her own advocacy group by creating the Young Fabians Creative Industries Network. It was here that she met Sara, and realised there was a need for a much wider body to advocate for the whole culture sector. Sara’s invaluable experience first as a theatre-maker and performer, then latterly as a campaigner on criminal justice issues helped take League of Culture from a vague idea to a fully fledged campaign.


We hope you’ll join us in making League of Culture the UK culture sector’s best advocate. We want to be led by our supporters to help work out answers to the problems facing the sector today. Together, we can create a voice strong enough to tell Government how they can help us and this time, make them listen.