Rich Seam mining sculpture

Help crowdfund Doncaster mining memorial

Doncaster Council and the Doncaster Museum are crowdfunding for a permanent mining memorial. It takes the form of a beautiful sculpture by artist Laurence Edwards.

Rich Seam mining sculpture
A maquette of the sculpture

The sculpture is a large rock, with spaces hewn into the front for sculpted heads of local miners and their families. On the back, a bronze miner listens to a shaft in the rock. Digital codes placed around the sculpture will tell miners stories when scanned with smartphone.


International artist Laurence Edwards has been working with local people to shape his design for this iconic mining statue. He said “I want to make something special & unique for the borough that is made from local materials & built on local stories”. We need your help to raise funds to bring the design to life. A slab of carved rock with a rich seam of bronze heads. A bronze miner to the side mining the stories from the heads.


Miniature version of the back of Rich Seam
A miniature version of the back of the sculpture


With the closure of Hatfield colliery in 2015, a notable era for Doncaster’s industry closed and a permanent memorial will be a lovely way to celebrate the work of the miners. The Rich Seam project needs £135,000 to make this sculpture a reality, and you can donate here. The deadline for donations is 26th October 2018 and no money will be taken unless the target is reached by this date.


Please donate to this wonderful project and celebrate an important part of Doncaster’s heritage.



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