Grimsby young artists exercise their imagination

Artwork for sale at The Imaginarium Grimsby

Our Big Picture is delighted to announce the grand opening of the ‘Imaginarium shop’ on Saturday 16th October 2021 at 10 am at Grimsby Top Town Market.

The Arts Council England funded, Our Big Picture – Art in the Market ‘Imaginarium’ project has seen 15 young people work alongside ‘artist in residence’ Anna Bean aka Bluebeany to create a unique shop and sellable merchandise. Since June 2021 the young artists aged between 9yrs and 24yrs have developed their own artistic skills through working with Anna on a weekly basis, they have met successful young creative entrepreneurs and had a trip to Hull visiting galleries and studio spaces and meeting and talking to curators. They have explored branding and taking creative outputs into multiples that will be sold in the shop and soon online through the Imaginarium website.

The Imaginarium group are looking to carry on their entrepreneur journey by being part of the returning Grimsby Top Town Market Teenage Market on 4th December 2021 as part of the Top Town Market Small Businesses Saturday event. The group is applying to attend other art and design fairs in the region and have approach specialised art shops to stock their work.

Paula Denton, Managing and Creative Director of Our Big Picture Ltd “We are really proud of the young artists and have been very impressed with their creativity, passion and own personal motivation, especially as we have had to still partly work online.” Anna Bean aka Bluebeany “It has been brilliant working with the participants on this project during the summer and I am very impressed the enthusiasm in which they have engaged with this opportunity and also the quality of artwork they have produced”.

The shop is located in the Grimsby Top Town Market on the left from Victoria Street entrance. On the 16th October there will be special guests to meet you on the day! The shop will be open from 10 am to 3 pm – interviews will be possible with the young people and Anna Bean before the opening day and on the day in person.

The shop opening is only the next stage of the Imaginarium project and we are still looking for young creates to join us. If you are aged between 9yrs and 24yrs and interested in designing and creating work to sell, we would like to hear from you.

For further information contact or message us on Facebook @ourbigpicture or @Imaginariumgy