Donate to eccentric museum in York

Inside of Pandora's Box, York
Pandora’s Box
Do you love the eccentric and delight in the weird? Then have I got a fabulous new museum for you!

In lovely York, UK, the owners of Pandora’s Box want to add a small museum to their existing shop. As ever, these things need funding so they’ve come up with a cool Kickstarter campaign that rewards donations with goodies.

I asked shop owner Heather to explain a bit more about Pandora’s Box and how the museum will work:

“We have been a curiosity shop for many years, first in the US and now here in the UK. Greg is from the UK and I am from the US. The shop’s permanent collection has grown to the point that providing York with a small curiosity museum seems like a great idea. We have put tens of thousands of pounds into the collection for the public to view. Greg has spent many hours perfecting the articulation processes and scientifically experimenting to create some of the amazing delights we will have on view.

These are items collected from around the world and we are unable to properly display them without help. The Kickstarter goal is money, but it’s not a profit situation for us. The museum will have a very small entry fee and the greater purpose will be to show the world the collection, to create a sense of community around this odd and unusual collection.

We already offer classes and events that do little for us beyond building a community and we contribute back to the York community as well. We have these artefacts on display and at present, the people wandering through can’t see them all or miss learning what some are because of lack of signage. Unfortunately, some are mishandled as we aren’t a big rich operation so aren’t able to immediately purchase the needed protective displays to keep these items on show. We believe these types of collections should be shown to the world and remain accessible for history, art and the purpose of being curious.

We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for cabinets and shelves and signage for the new curiosity museum opening at Pandora’s Box. The idea is that York’s weirdest shop can become York’s smallest weirdest independent museum, modelled after a Victorian Cabinet of Curiosities housing strange and unusual items from around the world.”

Having been based in York for three years, I can attest that it is the perfect place for this museum. Let me know if you decide to donate, or if you have a similar project that needs help, at