Big Town Loud Voices gets poetic at Pinchos

Big Town Loud Voices, Doncaster’s newest writing group, knows the best writing comes from a full stomach. With this in mind, we headed to a gorgeous town centre bar, Pinchos, for a charcuterie board that had us in full poetic flow. We present our first published work below, in tribute to Pinchos and their excellent hospitality.

After I set a prompt, we all have 10 minutes to draft whatever comes into our heads. The initial plan was to pull the reviews together into one collaborative piece, but after reading aloud the group thought that they worked best as stand-alone poems.

The following work is entirely unedited and reproduces exactly what each member present managed to write in their 10 minutes. Feedback is welcome but please be kind and constructive.

Carolyn Prior reads her short story to the assembled group

Saj Hamid

Elegantly constructed,

Bruschetta beautifully tasting of gorgeous olive oil so subtle,  

& yet perfectly in tune with the tomatoes and red onions!

Selection of meats & cheeses sublime complimenting each other.

Bread cut to picking pieces along with butter, melted & soft to the touch.

Present in small dainty cups…

Guy Richards

The cheese, the bread and the black olives complimenting each other in unison. Perhaps I am overindulging but I’ve munched on some more bread, tomatoes and apples whilst swigging it all down with gulps of lager.
The green olives on the other hand transported me back to the memories of my previous holiday. For your information it’s obligatory to consume the complimentary olives provided with your aperitif.

Close up of the meat platter at Pinchos

Vicky Prior

Bruschetta – tangy onion, sweet tomato, not too oily, hint of herbs, fresh bread lightly toasted.

Halloumi – uncooked so mild, fresh juicy tomato to cut through the creaminess.

Apple – Royal Gala? crisp and juicy, not tough skin, refreshing.

Cheese – smoky, mild, waxy, like a Jarlsberg.

Peppery salami, spice cuts through fat.

Paprika ham, perfect balance.

Olives – suitably briny, served stone in, pleasantly untampered.

Serrano ham – strings of fat, salt, meat, primeval.

Thin salami – smoky meat.

Chorizo – subtly spiced, smoky paprika.

Butter brought in espresso cup a cute touch.

Close up of the bruschetta and vegetables at Pinchos

Carolyn Prior

Beautiful foodie spread.

Possibly comté/manchego cheese would go well with apple and chutney.

Halloumi, but milder than usual. I love the crunchy apple – Royal Gala.

Salami has a good porky flavour.

Ham with lovely paprika tang.

Black and green olives – black nice and chewy – green have a salty tang.

Saucisson? Quite mild but tasty.

Nice touch, butter served in espresso cup.