Culture Crawl

30th October: Culture Crawl returns to Doncaster

Culture Crawl

Tuesday 30th October sees the 2nd Culture Crawl hit Doncaster. A culture crawl works a bit like a pub crawl, except instead of getting intoxicated on booze, you get drunk on art.

Microbes at The Point

Here’s my Dad at The Point last time round, having found a fetching new hat at the Microbes exhibition. This time, The Point have a collection of work by the video artist Bill Viola. Sadly, this isn’t likely to get the Prior family any new head gear, but it is in connection with Tate, so well worth a look.


Part of the joy of Culture Crawl is visiting exhibitions in unexpected places, after hours. See Cloth Ears, above, a delightful bunny I met in Knit ‘n’ Stitch. Or Al Heighton, a local illustrator who popped up in The Shoe Room, but on the 30th will be at C-View. I will not be buying any mugs this time. I promised my Mum.

Vamanos Taco

Being out after 5 is a great way to sample Doncaster’s foodie delights. Last time Dreambakes hosted Vamanos Taco and it was delicious. With events at The Mason Arms, Scicluna Deli and Taste Eatery added to the roster, you’re sure to find sustenance somewhere.

Culture Crawl takes place on Tuesday 30th October from 5pm till 9pm. You can download a map here.