1 week: New Government, New League

Oof, it’s been a long time talking to you all.


In short, your intrepid Director moved house, battled Crohn’s, cared for a poorly mum and tore her hair out. Turns out running an arts advocacy body with zero funding is really tough.


I thought about stopping, but what the League managed to achieve in it’s first six months made it’s lack of activity in the latter six seem not so bad. I was overwhelmed by people’s enthusiasm for this project and I want to continue.


So I’m going to. Whoever forms a government next Thursday, League of Culture will be on their back making sure they stick to their cultural promises (or alternatively don’t destroy what’s left of the UK culture sector).


Next week starts a new dawn for the League, and as ever, your ideas are the most important. Who should we be talking to? What campaigns should we support? What do you need us to do?


Email me anytime at vicky@leagueofculture.org.uk or tweet to@LeagueofCulture


Roll on May 7th!


Vicky x